“Pero fue la norteamericana de origen Cubano y portorriqueño Megan Barrera quien logró el favor del jurado, con un canto muy expresivo, amplia facilidad para modular y soprendentes cambios de entonó una retorcida pieza de la ópera de Daniel Catán Florencia en el Amazonas.”—el Correo de Andalucia  

Translation: But it was the Cuban Puerto Rican American Megan Barrera who won the favor of the judges, with very expressive singing, ample facility to modulate and surprising register changes...she sang a complicated piece from Daniel Catán’s opera Florencia en el Amazonas.


“As Berta, Megan Barrera was a scene stealer, her crotchety, sneezing persona consistently greeted by laughter. Barrera’s voice was equally enchanting in her brief aria.”—South Florida Classical Review 2017 “Megan Barrera, cantante local, brilló en su única aria, lo que le ganó merecidos aplausos.”—El Nuevo Herald 

Translation: “Megan Barrera, local singer, shined in her only aria, that won her well-deserved applause.”


"Megan Barrera sang Donna Anna with an equally big, warmer voice that showed off the expansive top she demonstrated in her rendition of Cole Porter’s “So In Love” during the opening-night concert. In “Or sai chi l’onore,” she built admirably from the recitative into the indignant, vengeful outburst, and in “Non mi dir, bell’idol mio,” the basic generosity of her voice was keenly evident...[a] fine singer...[who] earned huge ovations from the audience Sunday afternoon at curtain call.” —Palm Beach Arts Paper  


"Barrera, muy joven, tiene todas las cualidades para lograr una brillante carrera y fue muy ovacionada por el público por su entrega de la sufrida doña." –El Nuevo Herald  

Translation: "Barrera, very young, has all the qualities to achieve a brilliant career and it was acclaimed by the public for her delivery of the suffering Donna."


"Soprano Megan Barrera, in her role as Norina, demonstrated an impressive range and great projection...her acting was colorful and she definitely brought great personality to her role." –The Wichita Eagle 

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